Call for Extended Abstracts


This symposium highlights emerging technologies throughout the service life of concrete infrastructures, from materials production, design, construction, maintenance to life-end strategies. The following list of topics is not exhaustive, and all papers falling within the general scope of the conference will be considered:


  1. ▶3D printing concrete
  2. ▶Artificial aggregate concrete
  3. ▶Assessment of existing structures
  4. ▶Concrete using waste materials
  5. ▶Design codes/guidelines
  6. ▶Durability and life-cycle performance
  7. ▶Geopolymer and other low-carbon cement concrete
  8. ▶Inspection and quality assurance
  9. ▶Practical applications 
  10. ▶Prediction of service life
  11. ▶Prefabricated/modular-integrated concrete construction
  12. ▶Protection, repair and strengthening of concrete structures
  13. ▶Recycled concrete
  14. ▶Ultra-high performance concrete
  15. ▶Special session: High-performance hybrid/composite structures combining concrete with various constructional materials
  16. ▶Special session: Improvement on the strengthening efficiency of concrete structures with advanced composite materials
  17. ▶Special session: Properties of seawater and sea-sand concrete(SSC)
  18. ▶Special session: Self-healing/self-immune concrete
  19. ▶Special session: Valorization of waste FRP composites for use in civil engineering
  20. ▶Special session: Sustainable construction materials towards carbon neutrality
  21. ▶Special session: High/ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites
  22. ▶Special session: FRP/fibre textile-reinforced cementitious composites
  23. ▶Special session: Ionic Transport and Electrochemical Rehabilitation: Mechanisms & Techniques
  24. ▶Special session: Low-Carbon and Sustainable Concrete
  25. ▶Special session: The First Greater Bay Area Forum on Low Carbon Construction Materials and Technologies (LCCMT)
  26. ▶Special session: Limestone Calcined Clay Cement Concrete: Material Development, Physical Properties, Structural Implementation and Durability
  27. ▶Special session: Issues and measure for concrete structures in hot weather conditions
  28. ▶Special session: Novel & High-performance materials for sensing and improving the serviceability of transportation infrastructure



Authors should use the official Extended Abstracts template and strictly follow the guideline. The Extended Abstracts is limited within two pages.


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